Location, Location, Location: 3 Strategies for Success in College


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and get all A’s in college? Although many people have their own ideas for what it takes to be a successful college student the truth is there are no magic spells that can be cast to make this happen.  Most successful college students use... Read More

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How to Choose a Major in College: 3 Considerations


College can be a wonderful yet anxiety-provoking experience for students.  Wonderful from the standpoint of freedom, friends and Frisbee, but anxiety-provoking in terms of having to answer the question, “What am I going to do with my life?”  In some ways, college offers many students a temporary reprieve from the mundane responsibilities of adulthood:  get... Read More

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Alcohol and the College Freshman: 3 Questions


Ahhh, to be free of parents telling you what time you need to be home when hanging out with friends…to set your own schedule and make your own decisions…this is what college is all about right?  Independence is something that most college students look forward to although it’s not always as good as it’s cracked... Read More

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College Is Wreaking Havoc On Me, But I’m Not Sure I Need (or Want) Help


Are you a college student who has a problem – whether stress, relationship or school-related – but doesn’t want to seek help? Maybe others have told you you need to get help, but you don’t believe them or don’t want to follow their advice. It might be something else – like the hassle of having... Read More

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5 Clues That You Might Have ADHD


What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?”  Do you picture someone who is flustered and frantically looking for her car keys?  Maybe you see a little boy climbing on his teacher’s desk and screaming like Tarzan as he launches himself on to the floor.  Although such behaviors are... Read More

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Help with ADHD Hyperfocus


How many times have you found yourself entranced by a good movie or book only to be surprised by how much time has passed when you reach the end? It’s at that moment that you realize the world has gone on without you for that short period of time and it’s not very appealing to... Read More

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Focus-on-One Technique for Adult ADHD


When you think about all the things that need to be accomplished in a day it can feel overwhelming.  There never seems to be enough time to get things done!  Some people feel defeated and go on plodding through the day hoping to keep their heads above water.  This is especially the case for adults... Read More

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One Michigan Client’s Journey to Answering the Question: “Do I Have Adult ADHD?”


Little did Heather know that her quest to answer the question, “Do I have adult ADHD?” would result in a journey on the road less traveled.  Normally, such a journey starts by contacting one’s primary care physician about symptoms that are wreaking havoc on the job, in school or in relationships.  So what are we... Read More

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Why Choose a Licensed Psychologist as a LPC supervisor?


You’ve finally finished graduate school.  Yes!!  What a great accomplishment!  It’s always been your dream to be a licensed professional counselor (LPC).  You land a job at a local agency, but alas there is no one there that can supervise you so you are left to find a supervisor in the community. Luckily, the Tennessee... Read More

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Interrupting Impulsive Urges


Are you the type of person who – when you have a sudden urge to do something – acts on it immediately?  Do you tend to do things without giving much thought to how it might impact you or others? Has something bad or unfortunate happened as a result?  If so, then impulsivity may be... Read More

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