How to Choose a Major in College: 3 Considerations


College can be a wonderful yet anxiety-provoking experience for students.  Wonderful from the standpoint of freedom, friends and Frisbee, but anxiety-provoking in terms of having to answer the question, “What am I going to do with my life?”  In some ways, college offers many students a temporary reprieve from the mundane responsibilities of adulthood:  get... Read More

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Alcohol and the College Freshman: 3 Questions


Ahhh, to be free of parents telling you what time you need to be home when hanging out with friends…to set your own schedule and make your own decisions…this is what college is all about right?  Independence is something that most college students look forward to although it’s not always as good as it’s cracked... Read More

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College Is Wreaking Havoc On Me, But I’m Not Sure I Need (or Want) Help


Are you a college student who has a problem – whether stress, relationship or school-related – but doesn’t want to seek help? Maybe others have told you you need to get help, but you don’t believe them or don’t want to follow their advice. It might be something else – like the hassle of having... Read More

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The First Phone Call: Obtaining Client Information and Verifying Insurance Benefits

If you are in private practice and run a “one-man or woman show” then you may be in charge of obtaining information from prospective clients when they call to schedule an appointment with you as well as verifying their insurance benefits.  Here is the form that I fill out when clients call me along with... Read More

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Make a Mental Note podcast episodes

Here is a list of all of the Make a Mental Note podcast episodes (with clickable hyperlinks): MakeAMentalNote.ListOfEpisodes.3.7.17

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