Learn Through Consultation & Supervision


Are you interested in starting your own private practice?  Dr. Quarto can help!  Many mental health professionals dream of operating part-time or full-time private practices.  The waters of private practice can be treacherous and Dr. Quarto can navigate to help you reach your destination.  Call or e-mail him for details! (615-403-5227 or


Dr. Quarto supervises graduates of counseling programs who are in need of supervision for licensure purposes (e.g., LPC MHSP, LP HSP).  Dr. Quarto has spent years conducting research studies pertaining to supervision as well as providing counseling supervision services to graduate students and graduates of counseling and psychology programs.  Call or e-mail him for details! (615-403-5227 or


Christopher J. Quarto, Ph.D., PLLC, Licensed psychologist

Murfreesboro, TN