PPJ 019: Lisa Duez and Allison Puryear – PPJ Special Consulting Episode!

By Chris Quarto on May 24, 2017

On this episode of the Private Practice Journeys podcast, Lisa Duez, a licensed clinical social worker, and Allison Puryear, an expert in private practice development discuss methods of developing Lisa’s private practice.  Give it a listen and find out why you’ll want to follow these therapists on their journeys into private practice!  Get the show notes on the “Private Practice Journeys” podcast page at

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Learning Along the Journey

* Be sure that you are taking on clients that are ideal for you and will not take an emotional toll on you over the long run.

* It’s easy to get sucked into “scarcity thinking” (i.e., thinking that clients will not continue coming after you get off to a good start), but the evidence (e.g., tracking referrals/clients) will prove that false.

* Outsourcing (e.g., virtual assistant) is a possibility when your client load increases so much that you are unable to properly manage the administrative aspects of your practice. Take a look at how many sessions you would have to complete each month in order to pay a virtual assistant or someone else who is helping you with administrative tasks; it’s probably not that much.  This will give you the opportunity to do things that you truly enjoy – working with clients!

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